Commercial vs Industrial Roofing: Whats the Difference?

You can discover how our experienced team can provide you with the most cost-effective solutions to solve you roofing issues. ACR1.COM Barrie Roofing specializes in completing your commercial roofing projects on time and on budget, using high-quality materials and expert techniques. Known as one of the top three single-ply system manufactures in the United States. Versico has become a leading distributor over the past 25 years. Their primary focus is quality of products in the commercial roofing industry, and we are proud to distribute their products in the New York market. A commercial roof tends to have a low slope or is entirely flat and much larger than a typical residential roof.
This system is applied with specific materials from the GAF Corporation and can only be installed by GAF-certified professionals to qualify for the warranty. Best Roofing’s project engineers then explore all the possible options taking into consideration insulation needs, performance requirements, slope, wind uplift, code requirements, etc. After exploring all the possible options our engineering team will narrow the focus and recommend the roofing and waterproofing solutions that have the greatest value to the client.
As a result, we have long-lasting, durable and worry-free systems. Few roofing companies can claim to have created nearly one billion feet of BUR that are today under full guarantee. Commercial and residential roofs are different in terms of design, materials, maintenance, and installation costs.
Flintlastic SA Cap is our workhorse self-adhered cap sheet, designed to be the final layer in a Flintlastic SA roof system. The Flintlastic SA portfolio is comprised of high-performance, self-adhered SBS modified roofing products including NailBase, PlyBase, MidPly, Cap, Cap FR . Flintlastic SA Cap is available in twelve colors and CoolStar® highly reflective granules. The costs of a green roof are more expensive and require a high level of ongoing maintenance.
When the time finally comes for a business to undergo this critical project, there’s no room for error or wasted effort. Try going beyond the traditional “About Us” or “Meet the Team” pages and linking your employees directly to their areas of expertise. Have a green roofing pro that you’re incredibly proud to call an employee? Tie them into a relevant service page, and sprinkle in some related keywords.